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  • SAS Supplier Group is a well-established business with many years of experience and a collection of people who are proudly passionate about signage. We are here to help your team create & succeed. We've got the passion and the people to deliver your projects to standard with national warehouses to ensure on time delivery. SAS is what we say we are and you can be confident that success for us means making you successful. We partner with many Australian iconic brands to grow their professional image and create longstanding relationships by providing a high quality Aluminium range of Indoor, outdoor & architectural panels which is just one of our high quality brands which exceeds Australian safety standards. We also stock acrylic sheets in various thickness and colours, Aluminium composite Panel, displays & exhibition equipment, LED lighting and more. If you are in need of wholesale signage – whether you have a customer who is organising a large marketing campaign or you just need to keep up your stock, SAS Supplier Group is here to provide you with the support you need.